Hannah Kienzle is a tattoo apprentice and illustrator based out of Central Pennsylvania.
While she's still perfecting and exploring different styles in her apprenticeship, Hannah is drawn towards everything from colorful anime and cartoon characters to black and grey florals and feminine faces.
Before adventuring into the world of tattoos, Hannah's illustration career was launched in 2016 with a successful Kickstarter for an enamel pin, the Moth Pixie. She has since then expanded under the goal of creating the highest quality, bespoke products that capture the beauty of nature and lore of whimsical fantasy. These products are greatly influenced by both the Pre-Raphaelites movement and pop surrealism. 
Hannah draws from the broad range of experiences in her travels, from studying ceramics in China, exploring villages in Cambodia, and traveling the US in a converted camper van with her husband, Nick Kienzle
Her adventure continues with Dreams Collide at the old armory building, now Decades, in downtown Lancaster, Penna.